Checklist on Key Collection Date and Open Door Ceremony

Checklist on Key Collection Date

  1. Marriage Cert/Proof
  2. Open an account to apply for power supply.
  3. Activate water and electricity supply.
  4. Decide on preferred gas supply: city or conventional LPG.
  5. Fire Insurance certificate



Checklist on Open Door Day

  1. Roll pineapple (for wealth and prosperity) from the main door and everyone shouts “Ping An Fa Cai!”
  2. Throw mixed rice and salt (for abundance of food and to get rid of spirits) on all corners of the house. Last throw out of the house!
  3. Throw green beans in the living room (for lots of offspring). Prepare on wet cotton wool and plate.
  4. Boil water in new kettle on stove (for 风生水起).
  5. Prepare tea leaves (tie kuan yin) and place it in the middle of the living room.


Clear these items after 3 days using vacuum cleaner and mop (and bring pail). Clear bean sprouts only after it sprouts.

Use screwdriver to open water supply.


Misc stuff

Bring along padlock to lock doors.

Bottled water and snacks


Toilet rolls and tissue



Checklist on Home Visit

  1. Check all the keys and open corresponding locks.
  2. Switch on all lights. Probably only one in bomb shelter.
  3. Check all water sources and sinks and drainage. Check with clear cup for particles and colour/smell.
  4. Flush toilets. Check for any signs of rust, cracks on the toilet bowls and sinks
  5. Use inspection tool to check for hollow tiles, walls and ceiling. Look out for any water leakage or damage on your ceiling. Check the finishing on over floor skirting and corners. Check the paint on the walls.
  6. Open and close every windows and doors to maximum capacity and check their handles. Check window rubber linings.
  7. Check drying rack mechanism.
  8. Test all electrical points with usb fan.
  9. Use retractable measuring tape to measure for furniture allowance on floor plan.


Use masking tape and markers to mark defects. Use camera to capture defects. Note defects on paper.


Inspection Tool

Blk 30 kelantan lane for inspection tool


Misc stuff

Bottled water and snacks


Important Contact Person

MP Dr Lam Pin Min, Sengkang west SMC

Address: Blk 303A, Anchorvale link, #01-81, Singapore 541303

Open every Tuesday 8pm