House Renovation

HDB rectification took us almost 2 months plus from first submission of the defect list on 17th July 2014 till 22nd Sep 2014 when I considered their job with us completed. It took us so long because being new homeowners, we were inexperienced and picky and also we did not push the BSC office hard enough. I heard of friends pushing the office so hard that their rectification was completed in less than 2 weeks. Anyway we did not have time to push on weekdays and would only meet them on weekends. After this long hiatus, we realised that some defects could actually be resolved by our ID after renovation since they were bound to occur again. Like tile cracks, wall cracks, paint stains, parquet varnishing. We spent more than 2 weeks on the parquet because J found they were hollow and wanted the BSC office to rectify them. Today cracks on the walls are already resurfacing back, in the living room, in the laundry room, in the master bedroom. Well, so much for the hassle and now we are just ignoring them. I can only say the standard of HDB contractors and the quality of construction material used is really bad. Renovation with 9creation started on 9th October 2014. Meanwhile we studied, surveyed, and shop so much that I got so sick of it. Till today we have yet to find a dining table that we like. We bought most of our furniture from Ikea though, since we decided to adopt the Scandinavian concept for our home. I hope to be able to post before and after photos soon.

We took such long time to choose the laminates we liked since there are so many and we were spolit for choice! In the end we chose Lamitak wood series because it looks most natural and zen. Here’s a list of Lamitak Laminates and other laminates that we chose for our carpentry for my record:

TV console Lino Noce Vida (WY1262D)
Piano Glossy White
Black/White Glass
Shoe Cabinet
DB Box Clear Mirror
Kitchen Top Piano Glossy White
Kitchen Bottom Cavalli Viola Noce (WY 5214D)
Common Bathroom Glossy Dark Grey
MBR Bathroom
MBR Cabinet Frame Stoffa Mocca (DXO 5339D)
MBR Cabinet Door Stoffa Crema (DXO5337D)
Study Room Piano Glossy White
Guest Room Cabinet Frame Emile Hemavan Ash (WG 5255D)
Guest Room Cabinet Door Adele Hemavan Ash (WG 5253D)