My Obsession with Google Calendar (May 2014)

Calendar May 2014


This may sound crazy but I am obsessed with Google Calendar after I booked my flat. I stare at it, make plans, update past events, and share it with J and make sure he reads and update it too. It’s a pretty good app by Google highly recommended by me. Try it if you have not!

J and I got all jittery after booking our flat on 28th April 2014. Marriage or wedding banquets or wedding packages did not cross our minds at all prior to the booking. We just enrolled ourselves to test the market and try our luck. So you can imagine how worried we were when it was stated in the package that we have to produce our marriage certificate at the next HDB appointment. J have not even proposed to me! My girlfriends find this arrangement unacceptable though. It was later that we found from our friends that HDB has some unwritten rules about this matter and will not be so harsh as to demand for the marriage certificate and not give you the keys to your flat. Thank God it is possible to delay the submission to 3 or 6 months or even later depending on your situation. That aside, we were able to shift our focus to other more important tasks.

What’s in for us next was sourcing for interior designers, picking a bridal package, finding a venue for our wedding banquet, and lots and lots of shopping. The above is a snapshot and summary of what happened in the month of May. We tried to max out all our weekends and every available public holiday or free time to do whatever is necessary for the new flat.

One of the first few things we did was to check out our ring size and ring design preference. We both fell in love with Tiffany Milgrain wedding band ring in platinum and 18k gold on first look. We did try to look at the other jewellery shops for wedding bands but none of them had that right feeling and look on our fingers. It did remind me of the scene in Harry Potter when he was picking up his magic wand. We intend to try for our right sizes at the airport before our vacation to Macau this weekend and J will purchase it in Japan since he found it was cheaper there and will buy it during his next business trip.

On that first Sunday we secured our wedding package at the Aisle Bridal during a wedding fair and exhibition at Vivocity. There were 2 fairs happening at that same weekend, one in Marina Square and one in Vivocity and hence we shuffled to and fro in agony. We even went to Aisle Bridal to test out the gowns before deciding on it.  We negotiated for whatever we need in a wedding package. I never want to talk to salespersons at a wedding show ever again. It was tough pushing them away as they were all extremely aggressive.

With our floor plan in hand, we dropped by Expo exhibitions on interior design once in a while to get ourselves familiar with how interior design work. We have ZERO idea and ZERO experience. The intention was to hear their comments and have an idea of what we would like to have in our new house and eventually, choose one if the PRICE is RIGHT. We went from a range of expensive IDs like Ciseern and Rezt and Relax, to not so expensive IDs like 9creation and Idees, to a start-up company called Aartboxx whose boss was from Rezt and Relax. The rest was not good enough to mention in my opinion. We learnt a lot along the way by talking to different people. At the end of the day what we are looking for is an ID that has contractors with good workmanship. At the current moment we have shortlisted 3 IDs and will have to decide which items are to be included in the contract and which other items we will buy off-the-shelves and remove from the contract.

We also browsed a few venues for wedding banquets and have decided on Grand Park. Some ballrooms are too huge and we intend to have a small and manageable one so that we don’t need to fuss over guest lists!