CLINK: UOB Kay Hian Brokerage Charges and Dividend Yield

UOB KayHian Brokerage Charges

Scenario: Buying 3 lots of shares (1000 board size) at $3.00. Meaning the cost of the shares is a total of $9,000.00.

The charges you will incur is as follows:

  1. Commission: $25.00
  2. Clearing Fee (0.04%): $3.60
  3. Access Fee (0.0075%): $0.68
  4. GST (7% on item 2 and 3): $2.05
  5. Total: $31.33

The percentage of the clearing and access fee is fixed though it may be changed by the broker over time.

Explanation on Indicative Dividend Yield

Using CapitaMall Trust as an example, its indicative yield can be calculated by taking the most recently announced dividend of S$0.0272 multiplied by a frequency of four payments (dividend is paid quarterly or four times a year) and then divided by the share price of S$1.87 on 31January 2014, the previous trading day. This generates an indicative dividend yield of 5.8%.

Payment of Stock

Payment can be via EPS (Electronic Payment System) that was pre-arranged with the bank account that is linked to your CDP account.

Or Bill payment from any other bank account.


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