I MADE THIS: Braided Thread Bracelet

Items needed:
Embroidery Thread
Metal Chains
Lobster Clasps
Jump Rings
Chain Nose Pilers

Here’s a snapshot of the finished product.


The trick to making a very neat one is to tighten and pull each time you looped over. Always remember to work on one side. If the embroidery thread is on the left, loop each colored thread into the chain hole from the bottom side and up towards you. (Otherwise if you are working with the embroidery thread on the right, you loop from upper side and downwards into the chain hole.) Each time before you loop into the chain, you need to overlap/cross on top of the other embroidery strand. You can use the hairpin to help you with the looping.

First, you need to cut the chain length that you desire. Choose the contrasting color embroidery threads that you want and cut them 4 times longer than the chain. You can prepare about 10 strands for each colour as a guide. Adjust according to the thickness of the chain.

Tie a knot and separate the colour strands before you start looping. Strand number 1 goes into the chain from the left and upwards. Strand number 2 overlaps strand number 1 and goes into the same chain hole from the left and upwards. Strand number 1 overlaps strand number 2 and goes into the second chain hole. Each colour strand will have a chance to go into the chain hole. So each chain hole has 2 colours that have gone from downwards and up. When you are done, tie and knot and trim the ends neatly. Add in the lobster clasps and jump rings and you are done!



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